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Hi Guys!

I’m so excited to announce the arrival of the newest Creative Kids Activity Kit

Skit Mixers Activity Kit-cover page

This kit has been two years in the making…well seven actually if you count the years I spent testing the original prototype. This project has been my baby, the project closest to my heart (with the exception of my middle grade manuscript), and I’m thrilled to finally see it out in the world where kids from all over will be able to enjoy it!

So what is it exactly?

Skit Mixers Activity Kit- Decription Page

For more details on the kit and how it works, click on the SKIT MIXERS ACTIVITY KIT page. I hope you see it like I do…a fantastic activity for creative kids that promotes teamwork, creative thinking, and problem solving- all in a unique and extremely fun way! I have seriously watched dozens of kids use it over the last seven years. Some have been kids on my Odyssey of the Mind teams and some have been friends of my own kids or kids who live in the neighborhood. All of them have loved creating crazy skits and showing them off to whoever will watch.

I hope you’ll help me share it with the world… I hope you’ll tell your friends to give it a try, tell your relatives who may have kids to give it a try, and especially have your own kids give it a try. If they love hanging out with their friends and being creative in any way, they’ll love creating hundreds of different skits and showing them off to you. Sure kids like watching TV and playing video games, but when they’re given materials to fuel their creative fire, that imaginative spark is sure to ignite!

Thanks, my friends for stopping by the site today. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. Like I said, I’ve been working on it for quite some time and I’d love to know if a tween that you know loves it as much as I do!

Have a fantastic week, everyone! I hope to chat with you soon!



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