Writing Routine

Strong Writing Habits lead to Strong Progress

Could it really be the last day of February? Don’t mind me while I break out my pom poms and revert to my college cheerleading days. It’s not like I have anything against the month itself, but since I live in Upstate New York, I associate February with cold, snow, and isolation. I may be… Continue reading Strong Writing Habits lead to Strong Progress

The Crimson Five series

What’s Your Magic Writer’s Mark?

What Makes Your Story YOU? All books have themes. Things the author subtly (or not so subtly!) imparts into their stories. Like perseverance or teamwork or whatever. My books have them too and I could probably write a post just about those. But that’s not what I’m thinking about today. I’ve noticed a different kind… Continue reading What’s Your Magic Writer’s Mark?

The Crimson Five series

Things You Do Not Need to Write a Book

 A gorgeous office, a cute coffee shop, a fancy computer program, a literary agent… or permission from anyone. I wrote my first two unpublished books with a pencil on notebooks like these, and then retyped the chapters onto a Word doc on my ancient desktop computer. I wrote all three of my published (or soon-to-be… Continue reading Things You Do Not Need to Write a Book