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December Book Blast: Day 21

Hi everybody, I have an unusual choice for my December Day 21 pick. It’s a book that hasn’t been released yet. But…it will be out in April, and you CAN pre-order it now at I wanted to include it because its a middle grade by a debut author- and it looks fantastic! MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN… Continue reading December Book Blast: Day 21

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Favorite Genre to Write vs Favorite Genre to Read

In order to write believable stories, writers must read widely in that same age group and genre. Are you writing Young Adult Fantasy? Then you better be reading every YA Fantasy you can get your hands on, mostly from the last five years. That’s a publishing truth and it’s not debatable. Reading books will help… Continue reading Favorite Genre to Write vs Favorite Genre to Read

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Signing Books & Gold Gel Pens

Last time, I blogged about how tough it can be to keep writing through difficult periods.  Today, I have something more upbeat to talk about, one of the perks to being published: signing books for readers! In two weeks, I’ll be signing books at the Rochester Children’s Book Festival with about 50 other authors and illustrators.… Continue reading Signing Books & Gold Gel Pens

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3 Reasons Writers Need to Walk (Far Away) from Their Manuscripts

If you’ve a written a manuscript, this post is for you. It’s about a strategy I’m using now as I revise my current project. I created it out of necessity because after going through 15 revision rounds (yes, 15!) I was a broken writer. My story was only mostly good and I didn’t even know… Continue reading 3 Reasons Writers Need to Walk (Far Away) from Their Manuscripts

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Are You Celebrating the Right Things?

My word for 2022: CELEBRATE! 🎉 Life goes by too fast not to celebrate the small moments as much as the big ones. So that’s what I’m planning to do more of this year. Celebrate coffee dates and phone calls, game nights and a clean house, a good book and a great Netflix show, meeting… Continue reading Are You Celebrating the Right Things?


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