Scribble Tips

Whether you’re writing a story for children or adults, there are universal writing principles that will make your story stronger. These tips, originally created for beginning writers of middle grade fiction, can be applied to writers of any level, who write fiction for any audience. Find Your Writing Voice What exactly is voice? Writing voice is… Continue reading Scribble Tips

The Crimson Five series

Jumping Back into the Query Trenches

I’m back in the query trenches. It’s official and I thought it would be fun to bring you guys along for the ride! If you’re new here, you may not realize that I was agented before. I blogged about how I got my first agent here. The day I signed with her (after eight years… Continue reading Jumping Back into the Query Trenches

The Crimson Five series

Great Writing Doesn’t Happen Fast

I don’t know if it’s like this for any of you, but when I’m working on a new manuscript, I can’t write anything else. Not a short story, not a blog post, hardly even an email. My mind is so full of new book stuff that there’s just no room to add more. That’s why… Continue reading Great Writing Doesn’t Happen Fast

The Crimson Five series

Chasing Book Perfection—or Book Perfect-ish

No book is perfect. It’s more common than you think to find a typo or a misspelled word, those proverbial book Easter eggs, on a page or two. Unfortunately, things like that get missed in books before they go to production all the time, even when they’re edited by the best editing team on the… Continue reading Chasing Book Perfection—or Book Perfect-ish