Welcome to Swirl and Spark!

…the place for writers who know that ideas swirl (sometimes for a really long time) but on any given day can suddenly spark to life. That’s when the magic happens…one idea turns into a draft, a draft begins to sparkle, and stories come to life. If writing for kids is your passion, I’m glad you found the site.

So if tweens, middle grade books, or writing for kids monopolize your life in any way, get comfy. Grab a coffee and click around. I hope you’ll find something useful! Things are always changing on the site…I get bored looking at the same pages all the time!  But for now you’ll find… scribble tips~ my random writing tips;  the book nook ~ an ever growing list of amazing middle grade books; critique corner ~ a writing event where writers of middle grade fiction can post pages from their story and get feedback from writers from all over. And because it’s that time of year, this fall you’ll also find a page specifically for high school seniors looking for help with their college admission essays. Click on College Essay Assist for details.

Oh, and how could I forget? For those of you who just want to check in with me, have a cup of tea or a latte, and hear what I have to say, check out the swirl and spark blog every week too. I’ll be chatting up just about anything related to writing, reading, publishing, and creating stories for tweens. I love getting to know who’s reading the blog, so if you like, comment on my posts or send me a note. I’ll open it right away, I pinky promise. Just like we did back in middle school!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope we can connect sometime soon.