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I’m Jackie Yeager, middle grade author and believer that with a little imagination everything is possible. We all have ideas swirling in our heads… sometimes we just need a spark to ignite them. Whether you’re a reader, writer, educator, or daydreamer (like me!) you may thrive being surrounded by positivity and creativity. I hope this site can give you a little bit of both.

I love being a cheerleader for people who create something out of nothing–whether it’s a story, an invention, or an activity for kids. I love blogging about writing, publishing, and books too so if that’s your thing, I think we’ll have lots to talk about. This site is a compilation of my thoughts and dreams and anything in between, so grab an iced coffee or power smoothie–whatever fuels your own creative ideas. That’s what I’ll be doing!

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The year is 2071.
Kia Krumpet is eleven years old.
She bites her nails (a lot) and flies an aero-scooter.
And she dreams of building her sixty-seven inventions at PIPS, the Piedmont Inventor’s Prep School.
The event is the Piedmont Challenge.
A challenge in which all 6th grade students solve a series of tasks.
The winners compete in state teams to earn a place at PIPS, a place where they can let their imaginations and creativity run free.
The rest are forced to study one school category for all of 7th and 8th grade. Just one.
(That’s two whole years!)
The place is Camp Piedmont.
The most innovative camp in the country.
But in a world full of floating playgrounds, switching bunk beds,
and robotic monkey assistants, there’s more at stake than creating an invention, studying one category, or winning a Golden Light Bulb…
and only one team with the courage to figure out what that is.
Meet The Crimson Five.
Because sometimes it takes a friend (or four) to help make your dreams come true.