The Crimson Five series

Chasing Book Perfection—or Book Perfect-ish

No book is perfect. It’s more common than you think to find a typo or a misspelled word, those proverbial book Easter eggs, on a page or two. Unfortunately, things like that get missed in books before they go to production all the time, even when they’re edited by the best editing team on the… Continue reading Chasing Book Perfection—or Book Perfect-ish

The Crimson Five series

What’s Your Magic Writer’s Mark?

What Makes Your Story YOU? All books have themes. Things the author subtly (or not so subtly!) imparts into their stories. Like perseverance or teamwork or whatever. My books have them too and I could probably write a post just about those. But that’s not what I’m thinking about today. I’ve noticed a different kind… Continue reading What’s Your Magic Writer’s Mark?

The Crimson Five series

Writer Moms Inc. Virtual Conference

Hey guys, Are you a member of Writer Moms, Inc.? It’s a group on Facebook for, you guessed it—writers who are also moms. If that’s you, then now is a great time to join because on Saturday, September 26 they’re hosting a free virtual conference for writers. Pre-recorded video sessions will be posted beginning at… Continue reading Writer Moms Inc. Virtual Conference