The Crimson Five series

Writer Moms Inc. Virtual Conference

Hey guys, Are you a member of Writer Moms, Inc.? It’s a group on Facebook for, you guessed it—writers who are also moms. If that’s you, then now is a great time to join because on Saturday, September 26 they’re hosting a free virtual conference for writers. Pre-recorded video sessions will be posted beginning at… Continue reading Writer Moms Inc. Virtual Conference

The Crimson Five series

What Happens When You Lose Your Literary Agent

Hey all, I thought I’d chat today about a subject that most authors don’t want to talk about. It’s another publishing situation that’s a murky mystery. We don’t want to talk about it because we fear never signing with another agent again. We fear looking like a failure. Or we don’t feel comfortable sharing our… Continue reading What Happens When You Lose Your Literary Agent