Notable Reviews for Spin the Golden Light Bulb

  • Named to the National Science Teacher’s Association and Children’s Book Council’s 2019 Best STEM Book List K-12
  • Young students compete in a futuristic setting in this story that teaches useful lessons about teamwork, family, and forgiveness.  (Foreward Reviews)
  • Young readers who are interested in STEM will find themselves reflected in these characters. An open-ended resolution leaves room for a sequel. A strong secondary purchase for those looking to add fiction with a STEM focus to their middle grade collections.  (School Library Journal)
  • A thoroughly charming, entertaining, and ‘kid friendly’ novel for young readers ages 8 to 12, “Spin the Golden Light Bulb” showcases author Jackie Yeager’s genuine gift for original narrative storytelling.  (Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch–  Fiction Shelf)
  • An adventure right from the start, the action never slows down. Young readers who feel unspecial will be inspired to find their true talents and all the other things that make them shine. This is a most encouraging and uplifting story and is sure to give new confidence to any child. (Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch– Story Monsters Ink Shelf)

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