Meet Jackie

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I’m Jackie Yeager, middle grade author and perpetual daydreamer. My imagination is always on overdrive, but my ideas usually turn into stories even though I wish I could turn them into inventions! I’m no inventor though so instead I write middle grade books about kids of the future who create incredible inventions.  

Looking for more info? Well…

I have a Masters degree in Education, live in Rochester, NY with my husband and two kids, and would live in a castle if I could. Hey, a girl’s gotta dream, right? When I’m not writing or living in my own fairy tale world, I spend my time scrolling through pictures of royal fashion; renovating our house; blogging; reading; meeting friends for coffee; hanging out with my family; and thinking about our next trip to Disney World.

I love sweet cream in my coffee, but I’m obsessed with smoothies and chai too. I’m also the former coach of a middle school Odyssey of the Mind team who once upon a time competed at the World Finals. They were the inspiration behind the Crimson Five books!