I Have a Great Story Idea…

I bet you know the kind I mean. The kind that pops into your head when you’re eating dinner. Or when you’re sitting in Math.  Or when you’re running drills at soccer practice. You see something unusual that makes you think, “Hmm, I could write a story about that!”

That’s what happened to me this summer. While I was sitting at the beach, I watched a very little girl try to build a sand castle.  All by herself.  She scooped the sand.  She carried water in her bucket.  She packed the sand and shaped it into a tower. All while her brother and sister and cousins tried to help her. They tried  to bring her  more buckets of water. They tried to pack the sand. She would have none of it. Finally, in her tiny voice, she yelled above the sound of the crashing waves. “Can I please have some privacy? I’m always trying to do my work and there are always too many people around me! I don’t like it!”

The feisty little girl made me laugh. And think, “I’m going to write a story sometime about a girl who lives with her 2 parents, 1 brother,1  sister, 2 grandparents, 4 aunts, 4 uncles, 11 cousins and their pets – all in the same house! What do you think? Would that make a great story idea?

I bet you have a great story idea too.  If you like, tell us about it in the comment box below.  Very soon we’ll be having our first critique round in Critique Corner. It will be your chance to see a part of your story right here on this site! Kids will be able to read it and tell you what they think. You might even get some comments from Swirl and Spark too!  That will happen sometime in September. For now, why not tell us about a story idea you have?  Just a few sentences will do. Besides, that might just be the spark someone else needs to think of a story idea too. Remember though, if you do comment, please use only your first name and the first letter of your last name- or even a made up screen name. I want this site to be a safe place for all of us.  🙂

Before you go…don’t forget to click on the Scribble Tips tab and read Tips #1 and #2. They may help you write a great beginning to your next story.  If you’re looking for a book recommendation, click on the Book Nook tab too. I’ve added a few more for you to peek at.

So thanks for stopping by and remember…go write something! Write a song. Write a poem. Write about your trip to the ant hill. (Wouldn’t that make a great story?) And then tell us all about it! 

6 thoughts on “I Have a Great Story Idea…”

  1. What great story ideas! All of them! I had a feeling I’d see some cool stuff appear on this page. Thanks for being the first few kids to share with us. I’d love to read about these stories in the Critique Corner when we have our first round later in September. 🙂

  2. I have an idea about a girl who is just about to turn 13 and these fairy’s come out of no where and stop time and give her a list of quests. They tell her that she has to finish all those quests in 5 hours or else she will stay 12 forever.

  3. I have an idea of a group of five kids who stumble upon a shrink ray hidden under a pile of leaves. The kids stumble upon the ray while hiking through the woods that back up to all of their houses. The kids become curious and start to mess with the shrink ray and accidentally shrink themselves. The group of kids then have to survive the world of microscopic creatures until they find a way to reverse the ray and return to human size. Until then, those five kids are trying to dodge obstacles that could mean life or death!

  4. I have a idea about a kid detective agency called the K.D.A. It’s about a group of five kids and they work together, having just met each other to stop Mr.Bad a super villain that wants to take over the world. None of them but 1, know this yet but the K.D.A. is part of an organization of kids working together, forming teams, and doing all this under the noses of their parents.

  5. Sorry I didn’t post earlier I didn’t wanted to be the first one to post my idea… I have an idea about a girl who has to move from her best friend, and they want one more adventure together before she moves.

  6. I have this cool story idea about a boy who wants to play for his high school football team and the story is going to be about how he trains to become the star of the team

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