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YA Books Anyone?

It seems like our whole country is having a colder winter than usual this year. With so much more snow! Places that don’t usually get snow have been transformed into winter wonderlands, and even the Southern most cities have felt these bitter cold temperatures. I’ve heard the people in Florida are even wearing hats and gloves!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m not a fan of snow. Not when I have to drive in it, or shovel it, or dress up like an Eskimo to run even the simplest errands. Besides, this season lasts just too long. But, I am trying to look at the positives to this endless winter. And I have one really good one…

Books!  There’s nothing like curling up under a blanket on a cold, blustery day and reading a good book. Especially one you can’t put down. Add a fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate and I’m smiling inside so much that I almost forget about the blizzard outside. Almost.

So, in the spirit of that, I’ve decided to add on to the Book Nook. As it is now, the books I’ve posted are strictly Middle Grade, which means they’re written for kids mostly between the ages of 8 and 12, with some upper middle grade geared toward 14 year- olds as well. It’s my favorite age group to write for and some of my favorite books to read too.

I’ve noticed though that this blog is grabbing the attention of older kids too, ones who are beyond Middle Grade books. So, I’ve decided to add a Young Adult (YA) section. Besides, some of my all- time favorite books happen to be in that category. I mean who doesn’t love The Hunger Games series or the Divergent Trilogy?

Over the next week, I will be adding some YA books and then gradually adding more just as I have done with the Middle Grade section. I’ll keep adding Middle Grade too, don’t worry. That’s my first love so I wouldn’t dare stop now! 🙂

I’ll be the first to admit though, that I’ve read much more Middle Grade than YA. If there’s a YA book that you love, please leave a comment for me, and tell me about it. I’ll put it on my TBR (To Be Read) list and possibly post it on the site. I only post about books that I’ve actually read so it may take me some time. I’m open to adding more MG books to my list too so please send those as well! This blog is for anyone who loves books so feel free to share any and all comments about the great ones you’ve read.

So keep checking back this week and in the weeks ahead to see some of my favorites posted in the Book Nook. Then go grab a blanket. You’ll definitely need one in this weather!

Oh, but before you do, thanks to all of you who posted stories last week and left comments for the January Stories. It’s great to see writers supporting each other! Hopefully the comments were helpful and encouraging. We’ll do another critique round in the Spring (whenever that is!) but until then, keep writing and keep reading. Before you know it, the birds will be chirping, the daffodils will be blooming, and the sun will actually be shining. Imagine that!

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