Odyssey of the Mind, Short Story Showcase

Wanted: Stories Written by Kids and Teens!

One of the reasons I originally created this website, was to give young writers a place to showcase their work. There are so many talented kids all over the country with stories to tell! Finally, they have a chance to show the world. Short Story Showcase is now underway!

The difficulty I’m finding in hosting something like this is not coordinating the whole thing, but reaching the kids! And that’s where you come in. I hope. 🙂 If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post today, I’m asking you to help me. Are you a parent or a teacher? Are you a coach of an Odyssey of the Mind team? Or another type of coach? Do you see kids on a regular basis? If you do, please help me spread the word! Kids write stories in school, and given the chance, many kids write stories in their free time too. They write about their families. They write about their adventures. They write about their break ups. They write about hidden treasures and hidden worlds.

Participating in Short Story Showcase is easy! I’m now accepting stories (800 words or less) written by kids and teens ages 8-18. Please email the story (no attachments please) along with the title and the author’s name to swirlandspark@gmail.com.  I will post the first and last name as a by-line. Otherwise a screen name or first name and last initial works too. I’d also like you to include the age so that I can set up categories for our readers.

I don’t want to set a limit on the number of stories I receive. If a young writer wants to submit their work, then I am more than happy to put it up on display! Short Story Showcase will officially open on April 30th.

So please encourage any tween or teen writers you know to participate! The more stories we get the better. I’m hopeful that Short Story Showcase will be a place where kids and teens from all over can go to read stories written by other writers their age. What better motivation is there to write amazing stories, than to read other amazing stories?

Thank you in advance for spreading the word through whatever means you can. Twitter, Facebook, in person—however! I can’t wait to see the stories we get, and share them on the site!

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