A Story for Brave Avrie

I mentioned last week that I was writing a short story for a 7 year- old little girl who is battling Leukemia in a big way. The little girl’s name is Avrie. Brave Avrie.

I’ve heard it said that writers write because they have to. They have a story that needs to be told and they can’t focus on much else until they find a way to tell it. That’s how it is for me anyway. And that’s how it has been all week as I’ve been thinking about little Avrie and the story I want to write for her. Her real life story has touched my heart and I so dearly want to help her- in the best way I know how!

Stories can bring hope to children. They can make children smile. That’s my objective with Avrie’s story. She and her family are living a nightmare, and the thought of what they’re going through has consumed my thoughts. And so I’ve written this story for Avrie. I hope it can help, in some small way, to give her the hope and strength she needs to fight this illness.

As anyone who knows me personally will tell you, I don’t share my stories with anyone- until they are ready to be submitted to agents. My goal for the last several years has always been to get my books published. That means writing the draft, revising it, polishing it, and then doing the same thing over and over again at least 100 times. Seriously.

But I have not done that with Avrie’s story. I don’t have the luxury of time with this one. To me, this story is too important. Avrie is having some really tough days and I want to cheer her up. I want to give her hope. I’m not presuming to believe my story will cure Avrie’s cancer. But I hope it will make her smile. Stories can do that and right now that might be just what she needs.

There’s another reason I’m in a hurry to get this story out into the world. I hope to raise money for her family. You may have noticed a new tab on the right side of the screen, Avrie’s Story. If you click on it, you will have the opportunity to download the story for $7. I chose that number because Avrie is 7 years- old and 7 is a very lucky number! All proceeds will go to Avrie’s family, who is struggling to pay her medical expenses.

Please consider donating to little Avrie’s fund, Prayers4Avrie by downloading her story, Avrie’s Dance. It’s the story of a brave little girl who finds a way to fight the demon inside her in a very surprising way! Even though I haven’t spent months revising and polishing this story, it holds a special place in my heart. And I’ll tell you why…because this story has the power to help a family in need.

Thank you in advance for downloading Avrie’s Dance. I hope you like it! And please keep your fingers crossed that Avrie likes it too… and that she gets rid of the dreadful demon, Orange Blob once and for all!

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