Family Stories

If ever you feel like you have run out of topics to write about, I have the perfect solution…Take a vacation with your extended family. Invite any family members that you can find. It helps if you have a variety of ages. It’s even better if you have lots of kids, especially if you can find one like my four year-old nephew, Van.

Living under one roof with a trillion people is nothing short of chaotic. Living with Van is like living with built in entertainment. In fact, I feel like he was purposefully plopped into our vacation house for the sole purpose of providing me writing material!

I always say that when you create characters you have to make them memorable. Van is definitely memorable. He’s a bundle of energy with the most adorable face. He’s all action all the time except when he’s eating, or telling you that he thinks his ears just got longer. When you ask him about it he will explain that it’s because they must have tomatoes growing in there.

I promise not to bore you with stories of my family trip. I won’t promise that a random story or two won’t show up on this blog sometime in the near future or even in one of my chapters though. There’s just so much great material!

For many reasons this vacation has been amazing. Just like I had hoped there’s been an abundance of water, sunshine and family. I’ve even managed to write outside by the water, read on the balcony, kayak on the bay, do yoga by the dock, ride my bike and run on the quiet road, catch up with my family, and even try crab cakes!

Oh and… I have been writing in my journal! I’ve been keeping a daily account of our adventures. Big and small. Important and not so much. I figure even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal today, I’ll want to read about it some other time.

So take my advice. Spend some time with your family and friends this summer. That’s bound to give you some good materials for your next story!

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