Blog Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Swirl and Spark! This weekend is the first birthday of my website/ blog. Yippee!!

I’m amazed it’s been that long already. 🙂  I’ve had fun sharing Swirl and Spark with you. My following may be small but it’s a loyal and fabulous group. I’ve loved interacting with you. Reading your comments full of all things writing inspires me. I hope you’ll continue to stop by and share your writing ups and downs. We’re all on this journey of writing amazing stories. Why not travel it together? What started out as a site for kids who like to write, has turned into the site for all kids at heart who like to write. And there are so many of us who fall under that category!

I’m a fan of celebrating big events and a 1st Blog Birthday should be no different. So in honor of this grand occasion, I have a gift to randomly give away! Drum roll please…

Anyone who comments on this post will be entered to receive a chapter critique from me. That’s right. All you have to do is comment and your name will be entered. I promise. I’ll be fair. I’ll even have one of my kids draw the name. The comment can be anything from “Happy Birthday” to “I like this blog because…”

I love to read work by other writers. It’s a great way for even the most experienced writer to hone their craft. If you win, all you’ll do is email me your chapter. You can use a screen name if that makes you more comfortable. I’ll read for plot issues, grammar mistakes, character development—as much as I can from one chapter. I’ll also give you an overall impression of your opening and any other feedback that applies.

If you’re not sure whether or not your chances of winning are good, I say go for it. At any one time, I have a lot of traffic on this blog. But at other times it’s very slow. Who knows how much traffic we’ll get this week. I’ll pull the name next Tuesday, and announce the winner on Wednesday.

It seems fitting that last night I celebrated with three of my closest writing friends. As in, we went to Starbucks! (That’s my version of celebrating.) We had been in a critique group several years ago, but lost touch awhile back. Life you know, got in the way. Recently our group reconnected and we met for coffee for the first time in a long time. I was so happy to rekindle our creative energy and friendship. And no, our celebration really had nothing to do with the Blog Birthday, but whatever. I mentioned it to them anyway!  

On the subject of critiquing, one of these friends asked me last week to take a look at his novel. He’s been working on it over the past year and was looking for a fresh eye. I’ve read the first two chapters so far. What a great opening! I love to see progress by other writers. It encourages me to press on with my own writing!

On that note, please comment on this post. I’d love to give your chapter a fresh eye. This site, for me is all about celebrating stories. We all have one swirling inside us. But life does sometimes get in the way of bringing it to life. Maybe this post is just the spark you need.

So thank you for stopping by the site and allowing me to share my thoughts and random words with you. I hope you have a moment to celebrate your own small milestones, writing related or not. Cheers!

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