Blog Break- 2015

Hi everyone! As you’re reading this post, I’m heading down south for vacation. It’s been awhile since my family and I took one, and I couldn’t be more excited to spend time with them in the sunshine! I considered writing a few posts ahead of time and scheduling them, but I decided against it. Packing and preparing for a trip is so much effort. (Worth it, but still there’s effort.) And to be honest, I just need a break, not only from working and writing but from blogging too. I feel like my posts have been getting stale lately anyway. I little time away will give me a fresh perspective, and hopefully some fun and useful topics to share with all of you when I return!

Upon my return, my daughter will be hosting a French student for a week. She’s her French class pen pal and the girls have been communicating through social media for a few years. The two schools have put together a fabulous exchange program and so now they get to finally meet and hang out together for a week! I would have liked a little time after our vacation to prepare for her arrival, but that won’t be happening. She arrives a half hour after we return. Yikes! If I had only known the date of her arrival sooner I would have planned our vacation differently, but I didn’t. Oh well, isn’t that the way life works anyway…Lives intersect, big events collide, conflicts happen. C’est la vie! (See how I did that??) 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful few weeks. I’ll post again two weeks from today—the first week in April…hopefully tan, refreshed, and full of new French words! *hugs*

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