Booking Book Time

I realized today, I haven’t read a book in a very long time. Like several months.


I’m a writer. Writers read books! I love to read. Why the heck then has it been so long since I read one?

Well, I guess I have no good excuse. Sure I’ve been busy, like many of you. I work in the mornings. I do mom-type stuff in the afternoons. I scurry to clean, do laundry, grocery shop, and make dinner. I shuttle my kids around and watch their sporting events. I shop for prom shoes (see last week’s post). I catch up with my husband over lunch when we can. I work on critiques for my critique partners. I write these blog posts. And then whatever random stuff that pops up throughout the day, like orthodontist appointments…

You get the idea.

When I have free time, I’m a little possessive of it. And a lot obsessed. Obsessed with finishing these revisions on my middle grade manuscript and its corresponding query. Obsessed with making them both sparkle so I can submit my first round of materials to agents. I’m almost there…not quite, but so close. So throughout the day and late into the night, when I have a free moment, I’m working on that.

But what about reading?

I know it’s super important to read in my genre. In fact, middle grade books are the type I love to read most. And I have read them. But I want to read more. Besides, reading a great book is just so relaxing, and enlightening, and world changing!

So here’s my problem. When my thoughts are firmly planted in my own world of characters, I can best keep them there if I don’t confuse them with thoughts of another world and other characters. I have a hard enough time getting the voice right on my own MS!

But still…I need and want to read!

So I’m finding that my best approach is to schedule book time, just like I schedule everything else. I have a whole list of books, both middle grade and not, that I have at home, ready for me to make time for them. Maybe the best time for me to read them is right when I send off my first batch of queries. Kind of like my reward for finishing this MS and making it sparkle, no matter what the outcome. And that should be in the next month!

So there you have it. I have officially booked some book time for June, and probably July too. August is when I usually begin a new MS and this year will be no different. (I have a new story brewing and bubbling in my head, just ready for me to stir it up!) So how about that? A summer full of days (or free moments) to enjoy the sunshine and read a book…or five.

How about you? How in the world do you find time to read and write and do everything else that you need to do? And what about your list? Do you have any books at the top of yours for this spring or summer? Check mine out in the Book Nook. Please note that I will be updating both lists as soon as I can. I realized today that those haven’t been updated in quite awhile either.

So with that, I’m off to pick my daughter up from school to take her to her second last orthodontist appointment. (Yay 🙂 ) See I told you!

I hope your week is fabulous and that you can book some book time too!

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