It’s swirl and spark’s 2nd Birthday!

So, my Website/ Blog Baby is 2 years old today!

I love acknowledging milestones, both big and small and so I couldn’t possibly let this moment pass without letting you know!

I think back to my very first post and I can’t believe how long ago it seems. Back then I would refresh my computer every four minutes to see if anyone had clicked on the site. (Hardly anyone ever did!) I specifically remember one day when I looked and the site had gotten like 22 views. 22! I called out to everyone within earshot. Screaming, yelling, squealing! “Someone’s on my site. I’ve gotten 22 views in the last five minutes!” Only to hear the small voice of my then 13 year old son say, “Oh sorry, Mom. That was me I think. I’m on your site right now.”

Lol. And oh well. 🙂

Wow. What a difference two years makes! I don’t refresh this site every four minutes anymore. And I get way more views than 22 now from people who aren’t even my family members. In fact, now 22 views would be a VERY slow day on the site and it gets views from all over the country and even in countrys from the other side of the world from me. How cool is that?? But the biggest gift this site has given me is a means to connect with other writers.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who stop by to read what I have to say. I’m glad you’re finding something useful here. Please continue to reach out to me. I love interacting with you and hearing of your journeys through the publishing process, your love of books, or even about your love of creating stories. We’re all in this togeether, right? So feel free to tell me what’s on your mind!

It’s been crazy around here these last few weeks. I’ve been trying to take advantage of of summer with my husband and kids, all while tackling writing related projects and new possibilities.  🙂  So stop back, okay? I promise to resume my regularly scheduled Wednesday post next week!

In the meantime, for those of you who are wondering if your stories will ever make it, if anyone will ever love your story as much as you do…I say, “Yes! They will!” Just keep writing the story that means the most to you. Give it your heart and soul and the rest will work itself out.

Have an amazing weekend, my friends! xoxo

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