There’s Writing to be Done!

Hey everyone!

I hate to admit it but I need to take a break from blogging this week. I’m on a tight deadline with my freelance project-like real tight, and with the rest of life happening, I just can’t muster up a useful post. So…instead I’ll leave you with this:

If you’re planning a story… let your mind wander. That’s when the best ideas will flow. 

If you’re drafting…keep going. Plow through no matter what and get those words on the page.

If you’re revising…be fierce. Tough love will make your story stronger.

If you’re polishing…stay focused. Your story will thank you later.

And if you’re taking a break…get over it! No story stuck in your brain will ever get published.

I hope this helps, no matter where you are in the writing process.

Enjoy the week, my friends. I must go now…

There’s writing to be done!! 🙂

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