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December Book Blast: Day 7

Hi all,

I hope you had a fun weekend! If you’re heading out to shop this week, and have a tween on your list, be sure to head to the book store for my Day 7 pick…

YOU’RE INVITED by Jen Malone and Gail Nall!

December Book Blast Day 7

From the publisher:

Twelve year-old Sadie loves helping her mom with her wedding planning business, and with Sadie’s mad organizational skills, she a natural! That’s why it’s so devastating when her mother  “fires” her after a Little Mermaid-themed wedding goes awry.

Enter Sadie’s best friends: sporty Vi, ace student Lauren, and boy-crazy Becca. The girls decide that in order to get Sadie’s mom to reconsider, they have to make her see how amazing Sadie is at party planning. Except that no one is going to hire a twelve year-old to plan a wedding. A birthday party though? Definite possibility.

From me:

I admit it. I thought this would be a fluffy chick lit type story. (That’s kind of why I bought it.) But it’s way more than that. This story is full of heart too. Told from alternating perspectives of the four friends, readers will really get to know them all…and wish they were part of their party planning business too. But the best part is…there’s a book 2 as well. 🙂

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