Monday Quote

Time Can Be on Your Side

Time can be on your side.

The ticking clock doesn’t have to be an excuse.

Not everyone knows what they want to accomplish by age 21, or even by age 41. So if you have a vision now, be thankful for the seconds, minutes, and hours you’ve had to figure it out.

Then take that first step—just one.

One day, you’ll glance at the clock and realize your time was well spent, your vision has manifested into reality.

Whether your goal is to write a novel, sign with a literary agent, catch the attention of an editor at a publishing house, learn to speak French, take a Zumba class, run a marathon, or open an on-line bakery, you need to take that first step. Don’t worry that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Everyone has a few minutes somewhere in their day to start doing something.

Take a moment today to start (or continue) working on something great. You have all the tools you need. You know I’m right. 🙂 It took me 8 years to sign with my agent. 8! I’m not worried that the next step will take me 8 more. Worrying is a useless time thief! All I can do is take another step. Write another chapter. Reach out to good people who know more than me. And learn from them.

Happy Monday all…remember, it’s the day of endless possibilities. Check back later in the week. I’ll be chatting about what happens AFTER you sign with a literary agent.

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