Monday Bliss

Hurray it’s Monday, and I have cause to celebrate. My weekend consisted of more than cleaning, cooking, and sporting events!

First, on Saturday, I spent a the morning working out which is something I’ve missed over the past few weeks. (Yes, that’s a cause for celebration, guys!) Then I spent an enchanted afternoon with my home-from-college daughter at the theater watching Beauty and the Beast. And it was simply spectacular! The costumes, the songs, the actors, the story… are all very much still stuck in my head. 🙂

Then, late Saturday night, after a week of almost non-stop writing… I finished my WIP! Yes, it’s true! I finally completed this draft, and it only took me 18 months. Yikes! But the sequel to The Crimson Five: Spin the Golden Light Bulb is now an actual finished story and I am overjoyed! (Title to be shared soon). Needless to say, there was much cheering and celebrating in the Yeager household late Saturday night.

On Sunday, I spent a quiet day with the whole family under one roof. Even though everyone had work or homework to do, it was fantastic to be together. It gave me the opportunity to work on the Writers Around the World series for the blog and connect with another amazing writer, Kellie Doherty. Reading through her answers to my interview questions, while drinking tea, and listening to the buzz of my family’s chatter was pure bliss. Plus, because she has so many writing projects going on, it motivated me to get writing today, so there’s that! To read the Q & A with Kellie, click here.

There’s nothing like family, a bit of writing success, and the muse of creative works to make a weekend.

But now what? Well now comes my favorite part of writing…revision.  Revision is like a do-over, a chance to turn your draft into what you actually imagined your story to be. Not the mess that it is now. So off I go into my revision cave. I’ll let you know when I make it back out. By then I’ll divulge the title and everything!

Have a wonderful week! You keep writing too and keep polishing those words. Oh and enjoy some fresh air also. That usually makes everything so much better.


2 thoughts on “Monday Bliss”

  1. Congrats on finishing your manuscript Jackie! Sounds like the best weekend ever. Just came in from my first weeding session of the Spring, and agree that being outside makes everything better.

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