Blog Birthday Year 4!

Happy Birthday Swirl and Spark!

Swirl and Spark hit the 4 year mark last week! Hooray!!!

And I missed it. That’s right, I missed my blog’s fourth birthday. That’s so bad!! But at least remembered in the month of August so there’s that, I guess. Sorry, little blog. I still love you.

The first post on this site was on August 18, 2013. I really can’t believe it’s been four years. That’s a lot of posts and time spent here. It’s so crazy but even after all this time, I still love this site and love having a place to share my thoughts with all of you!

The site has changed so much through the years but one thing will never change as long as the site is here. It will always be a place focused on writing, and creating stories.

Thanks for the love you guys have shown me through the years. The best part of swirl and spark is definitely the great people I’ve met while spending time here! You’re all gifts to me!

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends! I’ll be back next week with a more regular posting schedule and hopefully more writing updates to share:)

Jackie ❤

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