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First Quarter Reading Roundup

Reading goals are meant to be motivational, not a burden. That’s the way I’m looking at mine this year. I’ve committed to read 25 books in 2023. So, how am I doing? 

So far so good!

But it hasn’t been easy to stay on track this quarter. Between querying and reading college admissions applications, I’ve had a lot on my plate. But I didn’t want to break this promise to myself that I would read two books each month. By far, the most difficult month was March. I dove into Neverseen by Shannon Messenger which is a whopping 672 pages. I never dreamed I’d finish it in a month, much less have room to fit in a second book as well. But I was determined.

How have I kept on track?

I read more than I normally do at night before bed and I chose a non-fiction quick read instead of a longer book. 

I also tried to vary my choices. In the first quarter, I read, 3 YA contemporary novels, 2 middle grade fantasy novels, and 1 non-fiction book. I enjoyed all of them, though it’s clear I gravitate toward series fiction. I’m completely hooked on the American Royals series, the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, and the Wishes and Wellingtons series. I plan to continue with all of them into the second quarter too.

All this to say…

If you’re killing your reading goal this year…way to go! But if not, don’t be too hard on yourself. Last year, I failed miserably at mine. I think I read half the number of books I intended to. But, this year, I’m making it a priority again because it’s something that makes me happy and I know it’s the number one way to improve as a writer. So, I see it as a win-win.

I hope you’ve been diving into some incredible books too. With an infinite list to choose from, it would be a shame not to! Thanks for reading all about my reading today.

See you next time!