Critique Corner

Critique Corner is Open!

If you’ve written a story, here’s your chance to get it critiqued…

So what ‘s a critique?

A critique can be many things, but in this case a critique is when a person writes down their thoughts about another person’s story.

Critique Corner is where we’ll hold our monthly critique rounds.  Writers can submit the beginning of their story (50 -100 words) in order to find out what other writers think of it and what they can do to make it better. The story sample will appear on the page with the title, the screen name, and a comment box.  Other writers will read it, tell what they like about it and offer suggestions on how to make the story even better. The comments will be monitored by swirl and spark. Only positive comments will be allowed. Remember, it takes courage to share our stories with other people. We want Critique Corner to be an encouraging place where writers can share their writing and gain valuable tips from other writers who do the same thing!

So here’s how it works…

If you are 16 years- old or younger and have a story you’re working on, please email me at  starting today. Please include:

Title:          The Amazing Adventure of Wendy and Will

Author:      Your name (first name with last name initial or a made up screen name)

Underneath, also in the body of the email, type the first 50-100 words.

Please do not attach it. If you write your story in a Word document, the words will be counted for you. If 100 words happens in the middle of a sentence, please include the rest of the sentence. It’s okay to go over by a few words.  It’s also okay if your story sample is less than 50 words.

I will accept the first 10 submissions. If we don’t have that many, then we can critique the stories we have.  I will email a response to you so you’ll know if your story was chosen to appear on the website. If it isn’t, you can try again next month. On the day the critique round begins, in this case next Wednesday, September 25th,  I will post each entry with it’s own comment box.  That’s when the fun begins…

But first, we have some rules…

If your story appears on the site, please make comments on each of the other stories posted.  That way each writer will receive a lot of feedback and encouragement! Swirl and Spark will comment on each entry as well. If your story is not chosen, please feel free to comment on as many as you can. The more comments, the better!

So how do you make a good critique comment? In the comment box below the story sample:

  1. Tell first, one reason you like the sample.
  2. Next, give the author a  positive suggestion: One thing you think the he or she could do to make their writing even better.
  3. Last, tell one more thing you think is great about their story. Give some encouragement!

So polish up your stories and tell your friends to do the same.  Critique Corner is ready and waiting!!

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment box below.  If not, go work on your story. Go on.  Detectives. Fairies. Ex- Best friends. Whatever your story is about, we can’t wait to read all about it! 🙂

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