January 2014 Critique Corner

Calling all Critters!

It’s almost here! January Critique Week. Next Wednesday, I’ll be posting the beginnings of several great stories…all written by writers ages 18 years or younger.

It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the Swirl and Spark community to improve their skills at crafting a great story opener. Besides, reading someone else’s words, and reading what other writers and readers have to say about them is a great motivator too.

Even if you are not one of the awesome writers who have submitted their work, you too can benefit from the critiques. I encourage anyone who stops by the blog next week to read the story openers and give your feedback.  I’m sure the authors would appreciate any and all constructive comments!

So, like I said…Calling all Critters out there~  If you like to read, and especially if you like to write, please join in on the fun… even if you’re over the age of 18. Swirl and Spark is a place for kids and teens who like to write and want to improve their craft and I know there are so many writers out there who can help make that happen. If you have a tip for them or some words of encouragement, we’d love to read it.

Also, if any of you are still thinking about submitting your work, please do! There are still several open spots. Just go to the Critique Corner tab for instructions. They’re pretty simple!

Thank you to all the writers so far who have submitted their work. You’re amazing and talented and I can’t  wait to post your openers on the blog!

As for me, I’ve already been inspired by the great writing I’ve seen to revise the opening paragraph of my middle grade novel. I thought it was pretty good before. It just wasn’t amazing. But I’m working on it! Maybe one of these days I’ll share mine with all of you!

So until then, Happy Wednesday! I’m ready to snuggle under a blanket, drink some tea and critique the stories I’ve gotten so far for January Critique Week. 🙂

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