Writers: Critique Corner Now Accepting Submissions!

Hey everyone! I cannot believe it’s already mid-February. That means our next Critique Corner Round is just two weeks away! And it’s a good thing too, because in the dead of this cold, snowy winter, I think we need something to wake us all up! I’ve already received an entry from our first participant, so get yours in too. It’s a great way to meet up with other writers who may write in the same genre or age group that you do. You’ll hear what they have to say about your work and what you can do to make it stronger.

Sometimes we get too close to our own writing and need a fresh perspective from someone who can be completely objective. Our issues may be plot driven, character driven, or due to problems with the mechanics of writing. So whether you’ve written five novels or you’re working on your first, come join the fun. You’ll certainly benefit from the experience, and your manuscript will thank you for sure!

I’ll be offering feedback on all the entries (I can’t wait!) and as I mentioned in some earlier posts, my amazing critique partner, Mel Mercado will be offering feedback as well. She’s in the process of reviewing my manuscript as we speak and I have to tell you…she is good. Amazing in fact. She sees the big picture and notices even the smallest problems with my manuscript. She so kindly volunteered to critique the work of anyone who participates in this round too. How great is that? So really, it’s like we’ll all be part of an awesome critique group right here on the site.

I’ve made this round pretty much open to whatever you like. I’m accepting any 500 words from your MG, YA, or Adult manuscript. It can be completed or from a WIP. It can be the first 500, but it doesn’t need to be. If you have a particular section you’re struggling with, we’ll give you feedback. And the great thing is, anyone reading the blog that week can offer feedback too, so you’ll have even more eyes on your work.

Click here for details on how to submit. We do have a deadline so that Mel and I will have enough time to review the entries before we go live. That way you’re sure to get the most thorough critique possible.

On that note…I’m off to polish up my own manuscript. I need to make it sparkly if I’m ever going to get it in the hands of my readers. And you should too. Shine up those 500 words and send them over. I can’t wait to help make yours sparkle too!

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