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December Book Blast: Day 2

Hey all,

Before we get to the Book Blast, here’s a shout out to my son as he celebrates his Super 16th Birthday…

Happy Happy 16th Birthday, Adam!

Hooray  for you!! May this be the year all your secret wishes come true!

And now back to it…For you foodies out there, here’s my December Day 2 Pick:

All Four Stars by debut author, Tara Dairman!

Dec Book Blast 2

Summary from the publisher:

Eleven year-old Gladys Gatsby loves food and cooking, so when she lands an assignment to write a restaurant review for a NYC newspaper, she will do anything to make it happen, even risk the wrath of her fast-food loving parents.

And some thoughts from me:

This adorable story by a debut author is spunky and full of fun. Fun foods, fun adventures, and fun characters. Gladys is so lovable you’ll want to tag along with her just to see what she mixes up next-and I don’t just mean her recipes.

I fell in love with this book from the very first page and I have to admit, it made me really hungry too. But the best part is that the sequel, (Stars of Summer) was released this year and the third book about Gladys, food critic extraordinaire (Stars so Sweet) is set to release in 2016!


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