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December Book Blast: Day 4

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here’s my December Day 4 pick:

I’ve come across so many amazing books from near my hometown and I couldn’t resist sharing one of my favorites, written by an amazing author…

THE SIGNAL by Cynthia DeFelice!

image.jpegFrom the Publisher:

Twelve year-old Owen McGuire is having a lonely summer. His mother died a year and a half ago, and after moving to a new town at the end of the school year, Owen and his workaholic father live together like two planets spinning in separate orbits. Owen spends his days with his best friend, his dog Josie, running on a trail through the woods in upstate New York. thinking about what his mother taught him about nature and the universe.

Then he finds a torn, blood-stained T-shirt, which leads him to Campion, a girl with startling green eyes, cuts all over her body, and a plan to signal her parents on another planet to come back to Earth to rescue her. And she needs Owen to help her…

A thought from me:

This sweet story of friendship and loss kept me guessing until the very end. I highly recommend it!


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