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December Book Blast: Day 5

Hi Everyone,

Here’s my December Day 5 pick:

THE SWIFT BOYS & ME by Kody Keplinger!

December Day 5 Blast

From the Publisher:

Nola Sutton has been best friends and neighbors with the Swift boys for practically her whole life. There’s the youngest, Kevin, who never stops talking; the oldest, Brian , who’s always kind and calm; and then there’s Canaan, the ringleader and Nola’s best-best friend. Nola can’t imagine her life without the Swift boys-they’ll always be like this, always be friends.

But then everything changes overnight.

From me:

This sweet coming of age story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming, and Nola is a force to be reckoned with-even if she doesn’t know it yet. I don’t know any girl or boy who hasn’t experienced the loss of a best friend. This contemporary middle grade will show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, life at the end of the tunnel may be even better than the life they knew before.


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