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December Book Blast: Day 14

Hey everyone,

I have another great book to gush about! My December Day 14 pick is…

SCHOOL OF CHARM by Lisa Ann Scott!

December Book Blast Day 13

From the Publisher:

At the School of Charm, everyone has a wish to whisper. With an enchanting small-town setting, lively storytelling, and a hint of magic, this debut novel is perfect for fans of Ingrid Law, Clare Vanderpool, and Rebecca Stead.

Eleven-year-old Chip has always been her daddy’s girl, so when he dies she pins her hopes on winning a beauty pageant to show her family of southern belles that she still belongs. But she’d rather be covered in mud than makeup! Can a rough-and-tumble girl ever become a beauty queen? A universal story about finding your place in the world, School of Charm explores themes of loss, family, and friendship.

From me:

I love this book. No, I simply adore this book! Chip will have you wrapped around her little finger from the very first page. She’s such a great character, and the plot is so original, you won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough.


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