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December Book Blast: Day 15

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday! For all you skating buffs out there, my December Day 15 pick is for you…


December Book Blast Day 15

From the publisher:

Figure skating is Kaitlin’s passion, but she lands on thin ice after a meltdown in this funny, touching story. Because when you fall down, you have to pick yourself up—even if it’s in front of judges and a crowd.

Kaitlin has always dreamed of being a champion figure skater, and she’s given up a lot to pursue her passion. But after she has a totally uncharacteristic tantrum at a major competition, she’s dropped by her coach and her prestigious skating club.

When no other club will have her, she’s forced to join the ridiculed and run-down Fallton Club, jokingly referred to as the “Fall Down Club.” At first Kaitlin thinks this is a complete disaster, but after meeting some of the other skaters—including a boy who happens to have the most perfect hair she’s ever seen—she realizes it might not actually be so bad.

Yet learning a whole new program right before Regionals is a huge challenge, and when she realizes that all the other area skaters target Fallton for pranks, she begins to wonder if joining the Fall Down Club has any upsides.

From me:

This fantastic new middle grade book is right at the top of my TBR list for a few reasons… not only do I love all things ice skating related, and this plot sounds adorable, but Gail Nall is a really great person too. I “met” Gail in the fall of 2014 when I submitted to her for Pitch Wars (an online writing contest). Even though my MS wasn’t chosen, she gave me constructive feedback that was spot on, and the suggestions she made ultimately led to me finding my agent! So yeah, I’m happy to support her writing too. Off to the bookstore I go…and you should too!

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