Writer’s Block? No… Blogger’s Block


Hey Guys!

How are you all?? It’s been soooooo long since I’ve checked in with you. Obviously. I mean, yikes! I never intended to take a break from blogging. As I said back in May, life had gotten a little busy and I guess one week turned into two and two months turned into three. Basically my weekly blogging routine turned to crap. I guess I was pretty busy, but the truth is, as I fell out of the weekly routine, I also developed a case of bloggers block. Besides telling you how busy I was (which no one really cares to hear because like everyone is really busy), I didn’t have much to say. It turned into a real problem for me. Believe me…bloggers block is a very real thing!

I began to wonder why I was blogging at all. Does anyone really need to read my blog to get through their day?? It wasn’t until recently when I began to think back to my early writing days and the years that followed, and realized that So Many Writing Blogs were my connection to the writing world. They kept me in the loop. They taught me writing things. They introduced me to the writing community. They gave me laughs. But most of all they inspired me to keep writing.

I blog and update this site because it connects me to all of you. I’ve felt so disconnected over the last few months and I hate that. I miss you all. I miss your comments and I miss checking in to see that you’re reading. Surprisingly enough, even during my hiatus, you guys were checking in! So thank you for hanging in there for me!! And so with a renewed desire to blog about writing stuff and connect again with all of you, I’m back to my weekly blogging schedule.


So then what writerly type stuff do I have to say today? Well, for one…are any of you guys entering Pitch Wars next week? If you’re on the fence about it, jump off. Head right over to Brenda Drake’s site here for details. This is a great opportunity for any writer trying to make their manuscript stronger in hopes of signing with a literary agent. Selected writers work with a mentor and eventually have to the chance to get their manuscripts out in front of agents. Many success stories have happened as a direct or indirect result of this contest. It’s really is that good!

I entered two years ago. Although I wasn’t selected, four mentors gave me feedback that ultimately led me to fixing some staccato writing passages in my opening pages and also the way I pitched my MS to agents. I’d say that was an indirect success story for me, because I’m not sure I would have found those mistakes without their help. If you go to the site, you can stalk the mentors. One of them is my too- awesome- to- be- real- but- she- is- critique- partner, Melyssa Mercado. Click  right here  to read her blurb about the contest and her wish list. Any writer would be beyond lucky to have her as a mentor. She has a way of spinning average stories into story gold. Truly. But one more thing, don’t delay. The submission window for this contest opens Aug. 3rd, so you might want to get on it!

So Guys, thanks for stopping by and not leaving me for dead. I’m still here and still full of lots of writerly stuff to talk about. I’ll check in with you again next week but until then, leave me a comment if you like. I’d love to know if any of you are submitting or what you’ve been up to!




2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block? No… Blogger’s Block”

  1. Hey Mel! You’re so sweet!! ❤ Good luck with Pitch Wars! I'm so proud of you for being selected to be a Mentor. How awesome is that?? Get your reading glasses ready. I know you'll be getting a ton of subs to read! Yay! Can't wait to hear all about the amazing mentee you select. 🙂

  2. Yay! So happy to see your beautiful bloggy face! (-: You blog as much or as little as you need! We’ll all still be here when you are! And thank you for the sweet Pitchwars words. You are the absolute very best! xoxo

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