College Essay Assistance

I’m branching out.

For all of you parents of high school seniors, this post is for you…

Writers love to write. They also love to help revise and polish the writing of others as well. And I’m no exception! Over the last few years, I’ve  assisted countless high school students with their college admissions essays.  For many, (even the most motivated students), choosing a topic  and putting their best face forward with a well-written memorable essay is a daunting task. I have experience with the process and would love to help your son or daughter too. The college application experience doesn’t have to be overwhelming for them. With a little assistance, their application essay can be stellar and give them the edge they need during the admission process.

The College Essay Assist Package for high school seniors includes guidance in  choosing the right essay topic and specific feedback for making their essay the strongest version it can be. The end product is a completed polished piece of writing  in the student’s own words…an essay worthy of acceptance into the schools of their choice. For details, click on College Essay Assist.

If you, or someone you know, may be interest in my help, please feel free to contact me at swirlandspark@gmail.com or share this post. I’d love to work with them. 🙂


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