Launch Day Morning!

Hey Guys!

I promised you a launch day post and you are getting a launch day post…in real time! None of that pre-written stuff…

It’s here! My book baby is here!


And I am a teary mess. I’ve been wishing for this day for ten years…since January 15, 2007 when I wrote the first words to my first middle grade book. Yikes! That’s soooo long! But it goes to show that if you have big dreams, you just need the courage to pursue them.

I’m also freaking out right now because my launch party is tonight and everything that could go wrong with the venue, has. But I have faith it will all come together in 6 short hours…we’ll see! and I promise to post pictures and all that because there are pretty cookies and such. What could be better than that?

I’ve had the fun opportunity to be part of a Book Birthday Party celebration online from fellow debut author Samantha M. Clark. Head over there to celebrate with me. There’s also a party prize at the end. Hint…I think you might like it!

Here’s the link…

Spin the Golden Light Bulb BOOK BIRTHDAY BASH!

I’ll check in with you guys again soon. I have so many pictures and fun stuff to share!Until then, thank you for your support all these years. You are the best!

And just like my book says:


Jackie ❤

4 thoughts on “Launch Day Morning!”

  1. Hi Jackie! Huge congratulations to you on this exciting day!! I had planned to congratulate you in person tonight at your party, but I’m going to miss it in favor of hanging out with Robin who had her wisdom teeth out today. Movie night for us, but I’m sending good wishes for great success now that your book dream has come true! Go, Jackie!! Happy celebrating! 😊Kristine


    1. Hi Kristine, I missed you at the launch party but ooohh wisdom teeth!! That trumps pretty much everything:) I hope Robin has fully healed by now and hopefully we can catch up soon!

  2. Big congrats, Jackie! You’ve worked hard and waited a long time for today. Have fun, laugh, cry, smile. Can’t wait to read “Spin the Golden Light Bulb”.

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