COVER REVEAL: Flip the Silver Switch

While my first ever published middle grade book has been taking center stage, my second soon-to-be published book has been slowly coming to life-waiting in the wings. It’s been lurking in the shadows—happy to give Spin the Golden Light Bulb its time in the sun. And while I’m not planning to throw shade over my first book baby any time soon, I am ready (and finally able!) to share with you the spectacular moonlit cover of STGLB’s sequel, Flip the Silver Switch…and give it some well-deserved time among the stars! 

And so here it is…the amazing cover!!

 Flip the Silver Switch Final Cover

I’m over the moon in love with this cover!! Gabrielle Esposito, illustrator extraordinaire, has once again captured the essence of the story and this time, the essence of THE CRIMSON FIVE characters too. If you’ve read the first book, you’ll be able to identify each one easily! They are so adorable and their personalities shine through the shadows. The background, the colors…I just can’t stop staring at it! I’m so grateful to Gabrielle for her spectacular design and to Amberjack Publishing for selecting her to illustrate my second book too. I think the cover is breathtaking and I hope you all love it as much as I do!

As a mom of two children, I already know what it feels like to love both children equally. This sentiment is certainly the case with Spin the Golden Light Bulb and Flip the Silver Switch too! So much of the books are similar—being part of the same world and same series, yet each are different too…sparkly, imaginative, and unique in their own ways!

The publication date is July 10, 2018 (that’s so soon!) but Flip the Silver Switch is available for pre-order already. Here are the links where you’ll find the blurb of the book too!


Barnes & Noble


And as a special incentive, my incredible agent, Rebecca Angus from Golden Wheat Literary is hosting a giveaway. She’s offering a chance to win one of FIVE QUERY CRITIQUES to the first five people who pre-order and email her proof with their receipt. You could be one of those winners! Click here for details.

Thanks for checking out my cover reveal, and if you feel like boosting this post, I would love it.  Besides, it’s such a pretty cover and I bet there’s a lot of people who could use a free query critique!

Have a wonderful weekend, but before you go, please leave me a comment about the cover. I’d love to know what you think of it! And if you haven’t already, click on the Follow button. That way you’ll be notified of my new posts… I’ll be back with a new one on Monday, so see you then:)


Jackie ❤

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