Going for the Gold…Virtual Book Signing!

The Winter Olympics officially begin tonight! Gold is up for grabs all over the world…but not just gold medals. Today marks one month since Spin the Golden Light Bulb’s release and THE CRIMSON FIVE kids are competing for their own gold…Golden Light Bulbs! In honor of these golden days, I’ve teamed up with my local indie bookseller for a Virtual Book Signing!

Here’s how it works:

Order a copy of Spin the Golden Light Bulb from Lift Bridge Books in Rochester, NY anytime from February 9th through February 25th and you’ll receive a signed hardcover copy mailed to your door along with a cool bookmark.

It’s my way of supporting small bookshops who are doing their best to compete with the power house booksellers, while at the same time reaching those of you who can’t easily get to author events.

Here’s the link to Lift Bridge Books.

Lift Bridge is the sponsoring bookseller for the Rochester Children’s Book Festival and amazing people to work with—pure gold!  I hope you’ll consider participating:)

And…many of you saw that Cover Reveal Day for Flip the Silver Switch was yesterday. Thank you so much for your kind words about it. Obviously I had little (I mean nothing!) to do with the design, but it still makes me happy that you like it so much…I still haven’t stopped staring at it!

So now I’m off to sign some books, work on my school presentation for an upcoming author visit, and then settle in to watch the Opening Ceremony. I’m a huge fan of the Olympics and always feel so inspired after watching the incredible performances and hearing the athletes’ inspiring stories. Will you be watching? What’s your favorite event? Mine are figure skating, freestyle skiing, speed skating, and ski jumping. But really I love watching all of them. Let the games begin!

STGLB- trophy pic

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! See you Monday with a new post:)

Think More. Work Hard. Dream Big!

Jackie ❤

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