The Crimson Five series

Need a Last Minute Costume?

Happy Halloween, from me… and my favorite costumed characters!

The Crimson Five’s skit was one of my favorite scenes to write, and their costumes were so much fun to think up. Need a last-minute costume idea? Spin the Golden Light Bulb has you covered:

• Kia: a dreamy-eyed little girl in pigtails, yellow overall shorts, and 10 rings

• Ander: a silly dancing jester in baseball pants, a vest with pointed shoulders, and a jester’s hat

• Jillian: a dramatic towns woman in a sparkly pink flapper dress, pearls, long white gloves, and a feather boa

• Mare: a bratty teen in a mini skirt, boots, choker necklace, and snapping gum

• Jax: an eccentric gatekeeper in a black top hat, cape, and very serious face

• Or you could always dress up as my personal favorite, their team preceptor: bubbly Seraphina, who would never be seen without a purple outfit of any type, purple platform heels, purple lipstick, and purple nail polish.

Have a fun day, everyone…I hope you see lots of creative costumes tonight!

And ready or not, it’s almost that time… Let’s hope they come! Or I’ll be forced to eat all this candy myself, along with the five extra bags that are waiting in the wings!

If you happen to be on Instagram, check out my post tomorrow. I’m doing a paperback giveaway of the Crimson Five books and I’d love for you to win!

Stay safe tonight! And don’t forget to save some candy for the kids!

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