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Celebrate the Middle

If you’re a big dreamer like I am, sometimes it’s hard to see small wins or milestones for what they are: a big deal. We sometimes get so hyper-focused on the end game—our ultimate, long-term goals, that we forget to see the in-between, smaller achievements as a huge deal too. I used to be like… Continue reading Celebrate the Middle

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Spring Cleaning your Manuscript

Since we’re well into Spring, I think we better talk about spring cleaning our manuscripts. Do you have Spring Fever too? Cleaning our manuscripts? Yes! It’s time to get rid of all those dirty words. You know the ones. Filler words. Words like: that, just, really, and very. They weaken your writing and bog down… Continue reading Spring Cleaning your Manuscript

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Publishing Expectations vs Reality: Part 1

Last week, I gave a presentation to my local writers groups with author, Marsha Hayles. The Rochester Area Children’s Writers and Illustrators group is a subgroup of SCBWI- such a great bunch of people! I became a member almost 15 years ago around the time I began working towards publication. Back then, I didn’t know… Continue reading Publishing Expectations vs Reality: Part 1

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Creating a Bookshelf that’s YOU

Books are never one size fits all. Even the most globally popular books don’t appeal to every reader. We like what we like, and just because everyone else is obsessed with a story, doesn’t mean we will be also. Likewise, just because we can’t stop raving about a book to every person who will listen,… Continue reading Creating a Bookshelf that’s YOU

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Communicator Between Two Worlds

As someone who prides herself on encouraging others to chase their dreams, I often wonder if any of my cheering really ever hits the mark. Do my words matter to anyone?  I began writing this post today full of enthusiasm and energy. I had this feeling that someone needed encouragement and I was excited to… Continue reading Communicator Between Two Worlds

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Three Ways to Refill your Writer’s Cup 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to fill your cup. You know the kind I mean…the proverbial cup we pour from in order to create stories.  Where is your mind at lately? Are you worn-out and depleted? Are you stressed or do you have that I’m-so-busy-all-the-time feeling? If you are,… Continue reading Three Ways to Refill your Writer’s Cup 

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Finding Clarity When You Don’t Know What’s Next

To be completely transparent, this post was 100 percent inspired by Jenna Kutcher and the Goal Digger Podcast. I discovered Jenna on Instagram, and think her posts and podcasts are incredibly inspiring in a chase your dreams sort of way. And you know I’m all about that! In one recent podcast episode (I Have No Idea What's… Continue reading Finding Clarity When You Don’t Know What’s Next