The Crimson Five series

Get Your Mind Straight. Imagine the Best!

“Grandma Kitty always says that worrying is just imagining the worst possible outcome, and I never want to imagine the worst possible outcome. I want to imagine the best.”

Pop the Bronze Balloon (The Crimson Five: Book 3) releases 6 months from today, guys! Six. So, obviously I had to use a quote from it for my first Stuff of Storybooks post of February. I love so many quotes from this book and this is definitely one that I try so hard to live by. My girl Kia Krumpet does too and if I ever have trouble staying positive, I think of her and my mind gets straight again.

I hope you’re not worrying about anything today. Listen to my protagonist. She may only be 12 but she knows good advice when she hears it! She imagines the outcome she wants and then makes it happen… with a little help from her team! See why I love her so much?

Are you typically a bright & sunny or gloom & doom kind of person? Comment with a word or emoji. I’m definitely all about positivity 🥰✨🌺☀️🌸⭐️!

The Countdown is on! August 4, 2020

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