The Crimson Five series

Sparks of Inspiration

The best ideas spark when you let your mind swirl!

So basically, daydreaming is GOOD. As an author, I consider it part of my job. But it’s essential for anyone who’s trying to work through a problem or think up the next BIG thing too. Letting your mind wander isn’t as easy as it sounds though. It seems there’s always something taking space in our brains, right? I mean, we all know it…life is hard and busy.

But if you’re serious about the dreams you’re chasing and feel like you’ve hit a brick wall or just can’t get to that next step, daydreaming can help. Just this morning I took a walk. It wasn’t a hike or anything or even a long walk. It was a walk around my neighborhood to jumpstart my day. I wasn’t actually TRYING to figure anything out. But a magical thing happens when you get outside and walk by yourself. Your mind wanders. It drifts…it swirls. And that’s when the best ideas hit.

Daydreaming is not a waste of time. It’s essential to deactivate the stress that may be blocking your creativity or ability to figure things out. It’s the place where our minds can imagine a future for itself. It’s the place where we figure our who we really are and what we truly want. Daydreaming is imagining and imagining leads to new and amazing things. So, take some time to let your mind wander. Let it drift while you do other things. Take that walk. Fold the laundry. Clean the closet. Go for a drive. Make yourself a latte and stare out the window. Those are the times, while we’re doing mundane tasks, that the magic is most likely to happen—when we’ll get inspired. And I think we all could use a spark of inspiration right now, don’t you?

I hope you have an excellent weekend… the perfect time to daydream!