The Crimson Five series

Back to School with the Crimson Five Kids

One of the unexpected thrills of becoming a published author is hearing from teachers who’ve read Spin the Golden Light Bulb to their students. I imagined (and hoped and wished) that teachers and librarians would someday add my books to their classrooms and libraries. But I honestly never went so far as to imagine them choosing Spin the Golden Light Bulb, Flip the Silver Switch, or Pop the Bronze Balloon as their read alouds. I’m honored and so totally excited that they have!

Read a loud time was one of my favorites when I was in school and my kids loved it too. I’m pretty sure all kids love that special, quiet time when they can relax, listen, and imagine a world different and sometimes similar to their own. To think that kids are doing that with a world I imagined and put into words is just unbelievable. That’s what pushes me to keep writing more books.

If you’re an educator or parent, looking for the perfect read a loud, my publisher is having a big sale on the Crimson Five books for the Back to School season. They’re filled with themes and that will help kids start their school year off on a positive and motivated note like:


Creative Problem-solving


Goal Setting


Friendship Challenges

And they’re all wrapped up in an easy to read story set in the year 2071 where 5 kids compete in a nationwide task solving, invention-building competition. It’s filled with characters kids will relate to and games and inventions they’ll wish were real… like Nacho Cheese Ball, flying scooters, robotic monkeys, and floating playgrounds. But at it’s heart, it’s a story of friendship and five kids working together to make their dreams come true!

Here’s the purchase link and a graphic provided by Chicago Review Press:

In other news, I’ve been polishing up my current manuscript. Even though I’ve already begun querying it, I can’t help reading it and re-reading it. At this point I’m just making myself crazy trying to make it perfect. Please, someone make me put it away and start writing something else!

If you’re writing today, good for you! If you’re thinking about writing, you know…all the stuff you do in your head before your sit down to write, good for you too! And if you want to write but don’t know where to start, start with one question: WHAT IF? That’s the question I always ask myself when brainstorming a new story.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!