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Traditionally Speaking

Hey there! Happy Easter, y’all!

I’m always so curious about other people’s family traditions. Every holiday I wonder, how others are celebrating. Maybe it’s fear of missing out. Maybe I’m just nosy!

Growing up, Easter was different for us every year. It always included church and the hunt for Easter baskets but sometimes we were home and sometimes we were lucky enough to be on vacation in Florida or South Carolina. For northerners like my family, that was absolute paradise!

I am grateful for the times we were on vacation during Easter week. I mean, how can you beat 80-degree temperatures and blazing sunshine? Being in a warm & sunny place to celebrate was always such a blessing. Sometimes we dressed up too and went to an elaborate brunch. I can still remember the dresses, the treats… all the bright colors and the pretty table displays. It always felt so special!

In recent years I’ve thought about those fancy brunches that we used to go to. They were always so fun but yikes they can be so expensive now! I’ve wanted to start a new Easter brunch tradition for a while now where my whole extended family could celebrate together like we often did…but without the massive expense of going out.

So tomorrow, we’re finally doing it! We’re hosting Easter brunch at our house. I love having people over and although we’re missing a few family members and it won’t be the elaborate spread like so many restaurants put out, I’ve tried to make it pretty & colorful…and special for our family.

It’s never too late to start a new tradition. I mean traditions have to start sometime, right? So, if you’re thinking of trying something new with your family or friends… there’s no better time than now!

I hope you all have a joyful and happy Easter and you feel the blessing of this season’s new beginning!

As always, thanks for reading. Cheers!