The Crimson Five series

Two Years Already?

It’s January 9th… and my first book, Spin the Golden Light Bulb, is 2 years old already! How have 24 months gone by so fast? My head is truly spinning at the thought!

I have so many great memories of 2018, the year Spin the Golden Light Bulb debuted, and one of them is pictured here. It’s a photo taken at the Irondequoit Library when I saw my book on their bookshelves for the very first time!

It was always my dream to know my books would be accessible to readers through libraries. Seeing it in person at my hometown library was just so surreal.

Now two years later, not only is the sequel, Flip the Silver Switch, out in the world too, but the third book in the series is coming soon as well! 2020 marks the year Pop the Bronze Balloon will land on bookstore and library shelves too. I know I’m a lucky lucky girl.

It may not release until August 4th, but you can add Pop the Bronze Balloon on Goodreads or preorder it right now. ☺️ Thank you so much if you do:)

Add it on Goodreads.

Preorder from your favorite independent bookstore.

Preorder from Barnes & Noble.

Preorder from Amazon.

I know I’ve said it before but thank you to so many of you who’ve read and shared my books. You’re seriously all so sweet to do so, seriously all the best!

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