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Has Your Dream Found You?

I’m curious. What did you love DOING when you were little? Dream of BEING when you grew up?

I loved writing plays and acting them out. It was one of my favorite things to do. So for years, I dreamed of being a soap opera actress!

I was never a theater kid though. Although I had the lead in both my middle school plays, I couldn’t even get cast for a minor role in my high school plays. They were musicals and apparently one needed to be able to sing to get picked! Ugh! So, even though I thought being an actress was my dream when I was young, at some point practicality stepped in and I let go of it…and dreamed new dreams.

Dreams are constantly changing. Our stories are constantly changing. No, I didn’t become a soap opera actress, but I do still love watching them! And now that I write books for middle school kids, I’ve found a way to write skits and plays into each one of them. Funny how the right dream has a way of finding you, even if takes you a while to know it’s looking for you!

Has the right dream found you? Does it relate in any way to what you loved doing as a child? What did you dream of doing or being? I shared my embarrassing story. Your turn!

Being in Disney World has always inspired me to dream bigger than ever. And if I’m honest, today I’m dreaming of having a cute little writing cottage (like this one in World Showcase) in my own back yard!


2 thoughts on “Has Your Dream Found You?”

  1. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a singer. I love singing, and get so much joy from it. I still sing, but only in my room and karaoke occasionally. LOL. I also always wanted to be a writer. Now that I am blogging, I am sort of there. I am debating publishing some of my poems and photographs on my blog in a section. I love the writing cottage!! It looks heavenly!! 🙂

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