The Crimson Five series

Magic Writing Potion

Writing at home means writing wherever it works at the moment. Today’s writing spot is the kitchen. At least the Kuerig is close by! Our kitchen is pretty bright. The sun fills it with just enough light to keep me motivated. On a very rare occasion, it’s quiet too. So here I am in my kitchen, trying to write a blog post and then moving on to my big writing project of the day.

But before I do, I wanted to tell you guys about my Facebook Live that I mentioned in my previous post. Last week, I did a session on shelving manuscripts. My talk was part of the Writer Moms, Inc. Virtual Conference. It was a small, one day conference but it was filled with so many great presentations. Mine went better than I expected, but it was really weird at the time because it totally felt like I was talking to myself!  For some reason, while people watched, I couldn’t see their comments or that they were actually there. Haha. So it felt like I was recording a video… only I couldn’t stop and start again and I had no idea until after if people were actually watching! But it turns out they were and it wasn’t so bad for my first Facebook Live event. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Who knew that being an author would entail stuff like this? But, seriously it was fun and I met a bunch of other awesome writers who probably motivated me more than I motivated them!

Today I’m working on a big scene that I see now has fallen flat. I made things too easy for my MC. Ugh, I have that problem all the time! So off I go to trip her up a bit—or a lot! Good thing I’m fueled by my magic writing potion. I think I’m going to need it.

If you’re writing today too, make sure you’re making things tough for your characters. Give them BIG obstacles that have awful consequences. Not only will that make your readers want to keep cheering for them to succeed, it’ll make the victory sweeter for them in the end. So, what’s your magic writing potion today? Mine is caramel coffee with sweet cream!


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