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Writer Moms Inc. Virtual Conference

Hey guys,

Are you a member of Writer Moms, Inc.? It’s a group on Facebook for, you guessed it—writers who are also moms. If that’s you, then now is a great time to join because on Saturday, September 26 they’re hosting a free virtual conference for writers. Pre-recorded video sessions will be posted beginning at 9:00am EST and will run throughout the day. There will also be several quick FB live mini sessions… including mine! I’ll be chatting briefly about Benched Books that Bombed at 10:00am EST and answering questions. We all have manuscripts that will never make it. I’ll be talking about a few of mine and why I think they totally bombed. Hopefully it’ll help you see the same mistakes in yours or see that yours may not need to be benched after all.

Virtual Conferences are a great way to learn, whether you’re a new writer or not. I plan on watching all the videos because even though I’ve published books, I can still improve. I still want to improve.

This week I’m reading through my WIP with a focus on dialogue. I’m scanning my manuscript, one character at a time, checking to see if what they say is realistic—something a real person that age would say in that situation. Then, I’m looking to see if it’s something that fits with their personality. Should they be the one saying it or would it more likely be said by another character in the scene? I do this for each character in the manuscript because a reader should be able to tell who’s talking, without the help of a dialogue tag! It’s a long process but worth the effort.

I hope this revision tip helps. I’m about to settle in for an afternoon of writing—armed with caffeine of course. Cheers!


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