The Crimson Five series


Hey everyone,

Happy September!

Where in the world did the summer go? I seriously have no idea! But I have to admit I’m not too sad about it because it means we’re that much closer to pub day for Pop the Bronze Balloon! If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know that this book has climbed quite a few mountains to get to this point. The release was originally scheduled for Summer, 2019! Then a few obstacles were thrown in its path. Like any good story though, it’s the obstacles that make the ending worth waiting for, right? I truly hope that later this Fall you guys feel this one was worth waiting for too!

Not that we’re there yet. Pub day isn’t until November 10th. But hopefully the Book Trailer will tide you over until then! Please share it with everyone you can especially your teacher, librarian, and parent friends. It’s available for preorder on all the bookish sites and preorders help the success of the book so much.

I’m thrilled to share that MG Book Village is hosting the Book Trailer reveal right now! I’ll be posting it on here as well very soon, but for now, the place to watch it is their awesome site. Kathie MacIsaac, librarian extraordinaire and the co-founder of the blog was sweet enough to interview me as well. It was an honor to do so because first, I love talking about books but also because MG Book Village is one of my favorite blogs. While you’re over there watching the book trailer, spend some time clicking around. It’s a fun bookish place to be!

I’d love to know what you think of the trailer and if you have read the previous two books in the series… or plan to. Obviously I hope your answer is “Yes, I love it and can’t wait to read all the books!” Haha!

So, it’s time to release the balloons…

Click here to read the interview and watch the Official Book Trailer of Pop the Bronze Balloon.


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