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Make Monday your Favorite Day

Hello there!

Need a little Monday motivation? I’ve got you. And I get why you might need some. Weekends are hard, especially the busy ones. But even the good ones. Even the relaxing ones. Even the fun ones. Because once they’re over, life goes on and it can be difficult to jump back into the work week.  We all know how much Mondays can drag.

But Mondays don’t feel like that to me. I love Mondays. And if you’re a goal-orientated person like me you get it. Because Mondays are an opportunity to look ahead. With the week stretched out before us, the possibilities are endless and limitless. That’s why Mondays are (possibly!) my favorite day of the week. I crave routine. I love settling into a new block of time and getting back to work. And no block of time feels newer than Mondays, except maybe for the first day of every month… and New Years Day.

So here’s my nudge to you: Shake off the cobwebs you may be feeling today and embrace the fact that it’s Monday. Think of your goal. You know, that big one you’re working on. Focus on it. Then focus on one aspect of it that you want to accomplish by the end of the week. Like maybe writing 5,000 words of a new draft. And then before the day is over, tackle one small item that will help you make that happen…like writing 500 words or even 1,000 before the day is done. You’ll feel so proud of yourself once you do!

Mondays are the reset day of the week. So take advantage of it. Start fresh with no judgement of what didn’t work out last week. This is a new one and it’s yours to take on with a renewed sense of purpose. So no matter what your goal is for the week, know that I’m pulling for you and cheering for you like your own personal cheerleader!

Good luck! You’ve got this. And until next time…