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4 Ways (and Walls) to Combat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a real thing. It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does it’s usually because I’m sitting at my computer, trying too hard.  Here’s what I do to combat that: Have a plan.  When I have a general idea of what I’m writing about before I sit down at my computer,… Continue reading 4 Ways (and Walls) to Combat Writer’s Block

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Celebrate the Middle

If you’re a big dreamer like I am, sometimes it’s hard to see small wins or milestones for what they are: a big deal. We sometimes get so hyper-focused on the end game—our ultimate, long-term goals, that we forget to see the in-between, smaller achievements as a huge deal too. I used to be like… Continue reading Celebrate the Middle

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Spring Cleaning your Manuscript

Since we’re well into Spring, I think we better talk about spring cleaning our manuscripts. Do you have Spring Fever too? Cleaning our manuscripts? Yes! It’s time to get rid of all those dirty words. You know the ones. Filler words. Words like: that, just, really, and very. They weaken your writing and bog down… Continue reading Spring Cleaning your Manuscript

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Strong Writing Habits lead to Strong Progress

Could it really be the last day of February? Don’t mind me while I break out my pom poms and revert to my college cheerleading days. It’s not like I have anything against the month itself, but since I live in Upstate New York, I associate February with cold, snow, and isolation. I may be… Continue reading Strong Writing Habits lead to Strong Progress

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Communicator Between Two Worlds

As someone who prides herself on encouraging others to chase their dreams, I often wonder if any of my cheering really ever hits the mark. Do my words matter to anyone?  I began writing this post today full of enthusiasm and energy. I had this feeling that someone needed encouragement and I was excited to… Continue reading Communicator Between Two Worlds

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Writing Jobs for Writers

As much as many writers working toward publication would love to quit their day jobs so they can work on their own writing full time, for most that’s not financially possible. And for some, working at another job is something they want to do anyway. Either way, if you work at another job or are… Continue reading Writing Jobs for Writers

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In Search of a Story’s Emotional Center

We all want our readers to connect with our stories. We want them to feel something, whether that’s suspense, hope, fear, motivation, sadness, encouragement, despair, love, happiness…any number of emotions that humans are able to feel. And through the course of your novel, readers are bound to feel many different and probably opposing emotions as… Continue reading In Search of a Story’s Emotional Center

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Foolproof Way to Get your Draft Done

Hey guys! We’re nearing the end of the month and I thought it would be good to check in with those you who are drafting a new manuscript or determined to finish a draft you’ve already started. Because I know what January can be like.  For the first few weeks of the month, you’re filled… Continue reading Foolproof Way to Get your Draft Done