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Foolproof Way to Get your Draft Done

Hey guys! We’re nearing the end of the month and I thought it would be good to check in with those you who are drafting a new manuscript or determined to finish a draft you’ve already started. Because I know what January can be like.  For the first few weeks of the month, you’re filled… Continue reading Foolproof Way to Get your Draft Done

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Three Ways to Refill your Writer’s Cup 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to fill your cup. You know the kind I mean…the proverbial cup we pour from in order to create stories.  Where is your mind at lately? Are you worn-out and depleted? Are you stressed or do you have that I’m-so-busy-all-the-time feeling? If you are,… Continue reading Three Ways to Refill your Writer’s Cup 

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Finding Clarity When You Don’t Know What’s Next

To be completely transparent, this post was 100 percent inspired by Jenna Kutcher and the Goal Digger Podcast. I discovered Jenna on Instagram, and think her posts and podcasts are incredibly inspiring in a chase your dreams sort of way. And you know I’m all about that! In one recent podcast episode (I Have No Idea What's… Continue reading Finding Clarity When You Don’t Know What’s Next

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The Crimson Five is 5!

Happy Birthday, Spin the Golden Light Bulb! I couldn’t pass up the chance to shout out my debut novels’ 5th publishing birthday. So here I am, thinking back to January 9, 2018, and after all this time, doing my best to let this milestone sink in. Getting published is a huge accomplishment and to be honest,… Continue reading The Crimson Five is 5!

The Crimson Five series

Let’s do this, 2022!

Hello, 2022! Last year was a tough one. I welcomed the year with a brand new manuscript and dreams of signing a book contract with a new agent. Ever the optimist, I sent it out to agents with the illusion that this time would be easier. How wrong I was! 2021 basically crushed my spirit… Continue reading Let’s do this, 2022!

The Crimson Five series

Things You Do Not Need to Write a Book

 A gorgeous office, a cute coffee shop, a fancy computer program, a literary agent… or permission from anyone. I wrote my first two unpublished books with a pencil on notebooks like these, and then retyped the chapters onto a Word doc on my ancient desktop computer. I wrote all three of my published (or soon-to-be… Continue reading Things You Do Not Need to Write a Book